Brentor and Moor Compassionate Neighbours

Brentor and Moor Compassionate Neighbours

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  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Older people / later life
  • Social care

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Small or unincorporated organisation
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  • Brentor and Moor Compassionate Neighbours raison d'etre is to support individuals (and their carers) in our local communities who are living with a life-limiting illess and/or are approaching the end of life. 
  • Our carefully selected and trained volunteers visit on a weekly basis, offering support, advocacy, a listening ear and a shoulder to lean/cry on. This support can also afford the main carer/family member a vital break from their responsibilities - maybe to meet friends for a cup of tea and a chat, to visit the hairdresser, do some shopping - or just take the dog for a walk. 
  • BMCN provides a vital link between the individual and the other agencies involved in their care, helping to enable them to remain in their own home until the end if that is their wish.


  • BMCN works in partnership with St Luke's Hospice (Plymouth) to provide this service to those who are nearing the end of life, as well as liaising closely with GP surgeries and other statutory and voluntary agencies locally.
  • When a referral is made to BMCN, one of our Care Co-ordinators visits the home, and after the initial assessment allocates a suitable volunteer to visit the individual for 1-3 hours on a regular weekly basis.
  • The allocated volunteer will normally continue supporting the same individual (and their family) until the end of lfe.

Current opportunities

Brentor and Moor Compassionate Neighbours' Steering Committee provides oversight and direction to the organisation, and is...