Brent Museum and Archives

Brent Museum and Archives

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Public sector body
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Organisation aims / mission / values

  • Brent Museum and Archives’ mission is:. ‘To ensure residents can enjoy and learn about the history and diverse cultures of the Borough by collecting, recording and making accessible Brent’s past and present’.
  • Brent Museum and Archives aim to preserve the past for future generations in Brent. The service is responsible for the continued collection, preservation and interpretation of a wide range of photographs, documents and historical objects related to the Borough. It also provides a comprehensive learning service, teaching a wide range of curriculum-based sessions to school children as well as community engagement projects.
  • Brent Museum and Archives aims to provide the widest possible access to its services and collections. We recognise that there can be physical and perceived barriers which can prevent people from interacting and engaging with our service. We are a service where the public are at the heart of our planning. We define access as something that is made possible when physical, cultural, social, financial, intellectual, linguistic, psychological and emotional barriers are removed or reduced.

Who benefits from our work

Brent museum and archives are here for everyone; a window into the history of Brent, its people and places. We will use these unique resources to create opportunities, improve lives and create stronger communities. We identify and develop partnerships with a range of educational and community organisations to ensure that our activities represent and engage as diverse range of people as possible. All our displays are designed and installed in a way so that young, old and users with disabilities can physically access all the display contents.


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How we deliver these aims

Increasing access to our collections is an extremely important objective for Brent Museum and Archives. We do this through a number different activities such as Collections Development, Collections Management, Displays and Handling Sessions. All our display text is written to be accessible to as wider range of users as possible, taking into account ability, intellect and language. Enhanced access material may be available as part of a specific project, but where they are not BMA aims to facilitate access to those with specialised needs upon request. Making information accessible is a vital part of the service. We recognise that not all users will access service information in the same way. To ensure that we make this information accessible to as many users as possible, we market our activities using traditional leaflets, social media, flyers and posters across the borough.

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