Bosavern Community Farm

Bosavern Community Farm

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  • Education
  • Environment
  • Gardens and parks
  • Local / community
  • Mental health
  • Training / employment support
  • Young people

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Bosavern Community Farm is a small scale community enterprise set in West Cornwall. It was established as a community venture in 2011, when the land was purchased for the benefit of the community with the support of the Big Lottery. The principal objectives of the farm is to act as an educational, wellbeing and environmental conservation resource within the region. In this respect the farm works with community groups, schools and other organisations targeting activities that providing a wellbeing setting for participants to engage in horticultural and traditional skills training, food growing, biodiversity awareness and community events.



The key beneficiaries of Bosavern Community Farm fall within the following service categories:

  • People and families on low incomes seeking access to locally grown affordable food
  • School groups and lifelong learning organisations in Cornwall seeking access to curricular and other educational activities.
  • People with mental health and long term limiting illnesses accessing therapeutic support and activities
  • Hard to reach people being provided with occupational training to enable them to develop work skills through volunteering.
  • Members of conservation and environmental groups promoting biodiversity
  • Social events to support local community

Bosavern Community Farm seeks a broad social impact by providing tangible outcomes to beneficiaries relating to community participation, enhanced occupational skills, environmental educational awareness and wellbeing

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