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Blossome CIC was established to provide support in a community environment for anyone affected by a loved one’s alcohol dependency or addiction. In the community, we teach self-care and self-compassion through a range of activities and programmes, delivered in various settings, online and in person, to make them accessible to all who need them.

Our services
Community members follow a 6-step programme, the Pathway to Peace guided healing journey, learning to prioritise their own self-care, and to live with self-compassion. 

They learn to let go, find kinder ways to live with self-compassion and allow themselves to grieve and feel joy again, in a safe, supportive community. They can make progress at their own pace, one thing at a time, or speed things up by learning through others' experiences. 

What we do matters

  • We reduce isolation and loneliness. Loved ones bereaved by alcoholism or addiction have experienced trauma and have no support. They feel forgotten, unseen, and isolated. We bring them together in the community so they know they are not alone.
  • We increase access to self-care support and self-care tools. Unhealthy habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviours from years of living in an active alcoholism or addiction environment erode health and mental health. learning self-care and being able to practice on your own, with confidence, has a huge impact. 
  • We increase levels of Self-care has a positive impact on overall wellbeing.
  • We increase levels of self-compassion. When you learn to treat yourself with kindness,
  • We increase confidence. By trying new things, meeting new people, and being activie socially, participants build confidence.
  • We increase resilience. Self-care practices build resilience and give participants the ability to overcome life's adversities.
  • We increase wellbeing in the community. Learning to participate in everyday activities in the community, 
  • We reduce the need to visit a GP. Many minor ailments, anxiety and stress are overcome with self-care.

Through self-care and self-compassion, we can end the generational cycles of alcohol dependency and addiction in families. 


Blossome offers an annual programme of wellbeing activities, designed in a way to help participants make progress and develop lasting changes in the way that they live, prioritising their self-care. There is a balance of learning and practicing self-care.Much of our activities and programmes take place in nature, helping people to learn healthy new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving so they can find peace, hold a positive outlook on life.  We invite our community to discover how amazing they are, to discover themselves from the inside out, through movement and activities.

Changing habitual emotions, habitual thinking and habitual behaviours after living in addictive environments where there has been cumulative traumatic events, takes courage, encouragement and confidence. This is why we offer a range of services enabling clients to slowly explore the experience and concepts of self-care through one off online and in person events, before immersing themselves in workshops and programmes and committing to embarking on a life-changing healing journey in the community. 

We deliver this in a variety of formats, 

  1. Weekly self-care support, online learning and participation sessions
  2. Weekly drop-in self-compassion cafe 
  3. Weekly Podcast  - Smiling Again 
  4. 5-day online Habit establishing events
  5. Cold water in the sea, dips at sunrise
  6. 12-week in-person self-care programme (12 people, 12 activities, 12 weeks)
  7. 6 month Progressive Walking programme


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