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Biomakespace is Cambridge's first community laboratory and prototyping space, based in the heart of the Biomedical Campus at the Cambridge University Biomedical Innovation Hub. We are a volunteer-led community of scientists, engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs, teachers and artists interested in engineering with biology. We believe that biotechnology is too important to our future to only be available to select few people to learn about and experiment with so we provide a space where anyone interested in the local areas can build with biology, together.

Our formal objectives are to:

  1. Bring together biologists, engineers, technologists and others in the Cambridge area for meeting, co-working and socialising in a creative, cross-disciplinary, community-driven and safe environment.

  2. Provide a well-equipped space for practical biology and engineering of biology on a community membership basis.

  3. Support new and existing interdisciplinary collaborations for engineering biology, with a focus on promoting open technology and innovation.

  4. Raise awareness, understanding and participation in biology and engineering of biology in the Cambridge area through public engagement activities, education and training.

  5. Foster links with local industry and innovation organisations, building bridges between academia and bioenterprise.


We provide members with affordable access to labs for lifelong learning, curiosity-driven research and exploring entrepreneurial ideas. We also run public training in everything from basic lab skills, electronics and 3D printing to cutting edge techniques like metagenomics with nanopore sequencing and CRISPR gene editing.

If you're interested in joining a community of people passionate about life sciences and technology, we are currently recruiting members and particularly volunteers wishing to share their skills as trainers, coordinate public engagement activities and join our lab management team.

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