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  • Children / families
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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Physical disabilities
  • Young people

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National - Britain


bibic exists to enable children and young people with neurological or genetic conditions to help them achieve their full potential.  bibic delivers individualised developmental therapy to children and young people age 6 months to 25 years and training to parents and professionals. 

bibic is a small national charity making a big difference.


What we do

Our team of highly experienced developmental therapists provide assessments and design tailored therapy programmes for every child and family to help:

– Children and young people manage their difficulties, to cope better in the world around them.

– Parents and carers understand their child’s behaviour and needs.

– Teachers support struggling children emotionally and educationally.

For families who visit bibic with their child, a bibic therapist completes the assessments over a two day period which concludes with an individualised therapy programme that is demonstrated and given to the family to continue at home and school.  

We treat every child as the unique individual they are and follow a similar style for each assessment with variations depending on the difficulties the child is experiencing. It is this holistic and integrated approach that makes bibic’s individualised therapy so effective.

Many parents say that because of our support, they are more aware, confident and able to make informed choices about issues affecting their child’s life.


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