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Bi Pride UK

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  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender

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National - Britain


Our vision is for people in the UK who experience attraction beyond gender to able to be proud of their identity and celebrate themselves in all spaces, both in physical spaces and online, participating freely and visibly in the GRSD (Gender, Romantic and Sexual Diversity) community without fear of their identity being questioned or ridiculed.

We do this through creating spaces where people who experience attraction beyond gender can be freely visible and celebrate themselves and their identities. Our own Bi Pride event and our work with other Prides and local bi groups will make all Prides across the UK fully inclusive and celebratory for our community, while our communications work creates opportunities for people across the UK to celebrate their identities and be part of a larger virtual community.


Our work has three main strategic areas:

  1. Working towards making every local Pride across the country is fully bi-inclusive and welcoming, and ensuring that local Prides are safe spaces for everyone who experiences attraction beyond gender, through sustained and one-to-one engagement and consultancy
  2. Creating a high-profile Pride event specifically for the bi community, celebrating the identities and diversity of all people who experience attraction beyond gender
  3. Using communications tools (including social media, website, blogs and press engagement) to create opportunities for people across the UK to be part of a larger virtual community, and to promote positive awareness of the community and the issues faced by its individuals.

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Join Bi Pride UK at an exciting time in its development. As the Digital and IT Trustee, you will support the maintenance of crucial infrastructure...