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The BHS Trust Fund aims to relieve the financial hardship of former BHS employees through grants and other forms of financial support ie paying of bills or debts. In addition, we also provide days out and short breaks to individuals and families to support their well being.  We also encourage individuals to seek other relevant forms of help and support ie with other charitable organisations. 

Our impact can be significant for those we help, whether it be through providing food vouchers over a short period of time to individuals or families struggling to buy groceries for day to day living.  Or through paying outstanding bills or debts, which are beyond the means of individuals to settle themselves and cause untold stress and anguish.

Our short breaks provide a welcome break from day to day life for those who are experiencing difficult times, ie a bereavement or health worries. Or we might provide a short break to a family who do not have the means to pay for this themselves. 


We promote our Trust Fund through Facebook and other social media.  In addition we encourage individuals to contact us through our website and have a mailing list to enable us to contact individuals at intervals through the year. Through these routes, we encourage former BHS employees to contact us should they be struggling with their finances for whatever reason. Our financial support is usually short term as we are a small charity and not equipped for addressing long term debts.  

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