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Bettering Education

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National - Britain


Our mission:

With a lack of exposure to real life experiences being the sin gle biggest psychosocial & socio-economic issue facing young peoples personal development, providing services which aid their transition in to life, further education or employment are essential. We facilitate programmes that offer support to the self empowerment, confidence building process. At the core of this vision, young people are:

  • Learning, exploring, having fun and are encouraged to pursue their passions and activities that interest and challenge them;
  • navigating through making choices that benefit them as they design their own life path;
  • Secure and hopeful about their future.
  • Conscious of the connection between lifelong learning and their ability to reach the goals they set for themselves.
  • Making education and training work for them, contributing their ideas and feedback responsibly and frequently.
  • Exposed to and involved in a variety of exciting and invigorating work and career experiences (including, paid and volunteer internships, on-the-job mentoring.
  • Able to pursue education or training that helps them make productive contributions.
  • Actively using their knowledge and gifts to strengthen communities by taking on leadership roles, learning group work facilitation skills and working with professionals and organisations on projects in their neighbourhoods and beyond.
  • hopeful about our community's ability to address larger societal issues together; embracing the value of service.


We believe that pursuing experience, knowledge, understanding, and sharing what we learn, gives young people a sense of investment and leadership. Bettering Education delivers personal development programs that empower, educate and inspire young people to look at the world through the eyes of each other, and to re-think their own responses and decision-making. Our programmes offer insight into the techniques along with practical, experiential, real-time strategies for meeting the needs for feeling productive and self evaluating success and learning.

Our primary focus is on improving the emotional intelligence and wellbeing of all young people through their development of soft skills. We know that getting practical experiences early is the key to resolving these problems effectively. BE is making a difference where it is needed most - our young people.

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