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  • Housing and homelessness

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National - Scotland


Bethany Christian Trust supports over 7,000 people across Scotland.

We’re passionate about transforming lives and giving people a hope for the future. We’re working to end homelessness in Scotland…one person at a time.

Our services focus on preventing homelessness as well as alleviating the suffering of people who are homeless.

We provide tailored visiting support and community development. We also support individuals and families to help them address long-standing issues including: social isolation, unemployment, and drug addiction.


Our work falls into three main areas; Operations, Business Support and Income Generation.

Each of these supports and delivers our services in different ways.


Operations encompasses Homelessness Prevention, Crisis Intervention and Visiting Support:

  • Homelessness Prevention looks at some of the root causes of homelessness, namely loneliness, isolation and unemployment and works with local communities to offer solutions.
  • Crisis Intervention includes our lunchtime and evening Care Van, an initiative that hands out hot drinks and food to individuals who are rough sleeping and works in partnership with other organisations. Similarly, the Care Shelter offers a hot meal and bed for the night. We also have longer term Crisis Intervention in the form of Bethany Christian Centre, a supported residential facility and Bethany House, an emergency resettlement unit.
  • Visiting Support provides fully furnished, single accommodation in Dumfries, primarily for homeless and vulnerable people. Housing Support Fife offers a support service to vulnerable adults living in their own tenancies in the Levenmouth area, Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy. Kharis Court offers a residential housing support service to young men and women aged 16-25.


A large part of the funding for these services comes through the work of our Income Generation Department which includes our 6 shops, fundraising and marketing teams,


These services are facilitated with help from the Business Support group, including People Development and Relationships, Technical services, IT and Finance


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