Berkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre

Berkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre

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Berkshire MS Therapy Centre exists to support people with Multiple Sclerosis and to ease the impact it has on their, and their loved ones’, lives.

MS is a neurological condition that is unpredictable, incurable and widely variable. With many symptoms including, but not limited to, loss of limb control (which may require a wheelchair/mobility aid), balance problems, fatigue (all-consuming tiredness), memory problems, pain, blurred vision, depression and incontinence. Its impact is often huge. Its complex nature means that specialist support is essential to manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

Without the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre the availability of treatments and therapies would be limited within the local area, in some cases non-existent.


The principal activities of the charity at that time comprised three broad elements:

  • Core treatments and services including physiotherapy and exercise classes, oxygen therapy, footcare and counselling
  • Complementary treatments including massage, acupuncture, spinal reflexology and reiki
  • A supportive network for members.

Current opportunities

We are seeking an enthusiastic and confident volunteer Treasurer to join our Board of Trustees at Berkshire MS Therapy Centre. Our new Treasurer...