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BehindBras Enterprise Academy

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  • Criminal justice
  • Education
  • Financial inclusion
  • Men
  • Training / employment support
  • Women

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Social enterprise
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National - England


BehindBras helps women as they transition from prison to meaningful employment in fashion, retail and creative industries.
Our recent project

Certainly, let’s weave all the elements together:

Introducing ‘Made with Conviction,’ a groundbreaking fashion apparel brand with a unique twist: it’s predominantly crafted by individuals who’ve embarked on a distinctive journey through the criminal justice system.

Our brand is built on three pillars, each with a distinct mission:

ReNew: We’re all about restoring and creating anew from well-worn clothing, breathing life into discarded fabric from the past, and championing the circular fashion movement. Circular fashion is a transformative approach, reimagining the traditional linear model of “take, make, dispose” into a circular and sustainable one. It minimizes waste, promotes the use of durable materials, and makes clothing easy to repair, recycle, and repurpose. It’s a commitment to reducing waste, reusing and repurposing textiles, and sourcing materials sustainably.

RePurpose: Our approach centers around repurposing clothing, reimagining it into fresh, stylish pieces, and giving new purpose to the old - all while reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable fashion industry. Circular fashion encourages transparency and ethics in the supply chain, allowing consumers to trace the journey of their garments and ensuring ethical practices and fair treatment of workers.

ReBuildLives: Beyond fashion, we’re deeply committed to providing employment and self-employment opportunities through our pioneering ‘Business in a Box’ social franchise model. This not only rebuilds lives but contributes to the wider circular economy. Circular fashion aims to engage consumers in the lifecycle of their clothing, promoting repair, swapping, and reselling. It’s a movement to reduce overproduction, avoid waste, and design clothes to last.

In a world where resources are limited, ‘Made with Conviction’ is a beacon of creativity thriving within constraints. The fashion industry’s overproduction of subpar garments has dire consequences for our planet, our customers, and even the very companies themselves. Over 100 billion garments are created each year, with many contributing little to profit. It’s high time for a transformative shift, and circularity is the answer.

Our solution is straightforward yet groundbreaking: we take vintage clothing and ‘dead stock’ fabric, once destined for landfills or worse, and breathe new life into them. Every day, our team reimagines, embellishes, repurposes, and handcrafts these materials with meticulous attention, guided by the principle of ‘less is more.’ We’re transforming wastefulness into sustainability, producing clothing that people genuinely desire to wear while reducing our environmental footprint.

Our ‘Opportunity in a Box’ initiative is the cornerstone of ReBuildLives. We provide work opportunities to individuals who’ve experienced the criminal justice system, fostering their path to employment or self-employment within a circular economy. This initiative forms the heart of our commitment to rekindling lives and providing fresh beginnings.


Our activities revolve around the three core pillars of ‘Made with Conviction’: ReNew, RePurpose, and ReBuildLives.

  1. ReNew: This pillar involves activities related to repairing and creating new clothing from worn or discarded items. You collect old garments, breathe new life into them through various techniques, and transform them into fresh, stylish pieces.
  2. RePurpose: Here, activities center on repurposing clothing that would otherwise be discarded. Your team takes these clothes and gives them a new purpose, extending their lifespan and reducing waste. This pillar fosters a more sustainable approach to fashion.
  3. ReBuildLives: This critical pillar revolves around the ‘Business in a Box’ social franchise model. Activities include providing employment and self-employment opportunities to individuals who have been through the criminal justice system. You empower them with the skills and tools they need to rebuild their lives.

These activities collectively form the heart of ‘Made with Conviction,’ transforming discarded clothing into fashion statements, reducing waste, and offering meaningful opportunities to individuals who have faced challenges in the prison system.

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