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Behavioural Science and Public Health Network

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The Behavioural Science and Public Health Network is a very small charity with high ambitions. We helped write the first national strategy for how behavioural and social sciences can support efforts to improve and protect the health of the public.

The charity is a leading network for professionals interested in all domains of public health wishing to develop an understanding of health and wellbeing from a behavioural, social and psychological perspective.  Our mission is to promote the use of the behavioural and social sciences to improve population health, the health care system, health policy formation, and help prevent illness and disability. The BSPHN provides a forum to connect those working in public health to share knowledge, evidence-based approaches and best practice for integrating behavioural and social sciences into public health initiatives.


We work both strategically, supporting the implementation of the national behavioural science strategy 'Improving people's health' (PHE, 2018), as well as developing national and regional communities of practice.  Our communities of practice support professionals to share best practice, learning from each other through events, networking, mentoring and supporting people while exploring opportunities for collaboration. This allows them to building on the synergies between behavioural science and public health to improve population outcomes. 

Throughout the year, we host a range of events, including an annual conference, webinars and training opportunities offered through our regional hubs. We produce our own podcast, Real World Behavioural Science, and peer-reviewed journal, Behavioural Science and Public Health. We are a charity committed to making our work accessible to all, so our podcast is freely available and our resource library and journal are open-access.

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