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BEEE Creative is a small arts charity working across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.  We connect artists, practitioners and cross-sector partners to optimise opportunities for people to access and enjoy the benefits of dance.  Our work reaches a broad demographic with participants ranging in age from a few weeks old to 100+ years old and includes people living with disabilities, long term health conditions, mental health conditions or sensory impairments.


We devise and deliver bespoke projects that identify and address barriers to participation to meet the needs of local communities including structural inequalities such as socio-economic disadvantage.  Additionally, we service the dance sector as a whole at a local level by supporting, developing and investing in local artists, interns, volunteers and county initiatives, encouraging new collaborations and co-ordinating and sharing good practice. We build strong artist networks, enable interns to progress their dance careers and engage with schools, museums, local councils, organisations, cultural venues and community groups through activities inspired by dance.


BEEE Creative works within communities to bring their unique and moving stories to life by co-creating dance with local communities that showcase the diverse experiences and achievements of local people. It is important to us that our participants voices and contributions are heard and valued.


Our work is broadly divided into 2 categories:

  • Delivery of creative, community centred dance/arts projects
  • Strategic development of dance locally (consultation/advocacy), focussing on access to dance

Our artistic development focuses on an interdisciplinary approach e.g., combining dance with music, outdoor spaces, animation, augmented reality, photography, filmmaking and remote creation with participants in their own homes or via online platforms.  We challenge our ways of co-creating dance with our local communities and continue to build on giving participants agency over what is created and how. Our findings have demonstrated the strength of our community when they are given the opportunity to take the lead and the subsequent positive impact on sense of wellbeing.

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