Beechley Stables RDA

Beechley Stables RDA

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  • Education
  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Older people / later life
  • Physical disabilities
  • Sports
  • Young people

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Beechley Stables RDA is a new charity which runs a specialised  horse riding centre in Allerton, Liverpool offering a variety of equine related  activities to disabled people of all ages. It is the only Riding for the Disabled centre in Liverpool and has a wide catchment area which extends round to St Helens and beyond.

Riding for the Disabled provides fun and therapy for riders of all ages and disabilities.  Medical professionals recognise that there are significant therapeutic benefits for  riders; the warmth and three dimensional movement of the horse is transmitted through the riders body, gradually making it more relaxed and supple, reducing spasms and improving balance, posture and co-ordination. For children and adults with disabilities, the value of companionship of animals is also significant especially for those who have difficulty in establishing social interactions with people. This emotional therapy is just as important as the physical therapy riding can provide


Beechley Stables RDA is dedicated to providing a high standard of tuition through our RDA registered Instructors who encourage each individual to aim for attainable goals. We also work closely with physiotherapists and other health professionals to tailor our tuition for riders.  

As well as the disabled riding, the Centre provides volunteering opportunities for able bodied and disabled people from twelve years old and up. Volunteering is an important way for young people to build up their CV and develop vital work and life skills such as independence, team work, communication skills and  self confidence. We have approached the Merseyside Youth Foundation with a view to increasing  our role in providing these opportunities for local youths. For older volunteers, working in the stables can be a fantastic way to exercise and a great chance to make new friends whilst helping others. 

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