The Barons Court Project

The Barons Court Project

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Barons Court Project was established in 1985 after a group of Psychiatrists and Social Workers realised there was little or no provision for people living with mental health issues and people who are homeless in the locality. The company was registered on 23rd October 1985 (Number 1963453) and is also a registered Charity (Number 296034).

Barons Court Project is the only day centre in Hammersmith and Fulham who support people that are on low income, homeless and/or vulnerable to mental health issues. We’re the only day centre in the borough and provide a space where people's basic needs can be met. It’s a place where you can take a shower, do your laundry and have something to eat.

Not only do we provide these but also offer a range of wellness activities for everyone, from yoga, guitar sessions and art to workshops in life skills around cooking, IT and employability as well as supportive groups to aid in recovery and reduce isolation. We offer 1-1 support sessions where people can get advice and assistance with areas they may need help with.

We provide a safe environment where people can express themselves and feel a part of a community.


For our guests who are homeless we aim to meet basic human needs and then provide support for people to get housed, into employment and move on from the service. For our guests living with mental health issues we are happy to provide support for as long as the individual needs it. If accessing our service contributes to their recovery and well-being then we are happy for them to come to us for life. There is throughput of guests each year as well as those who have accessed our service for many years. All are welcome in our community.

This combination of working with two groups of guests is quite unique, we are not aware of any other centre that works in this way with the two different pathways. Yet our model works and the combination makes for a wonderful vibrant community that supports one another.

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