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Balloons services are open to pre and post bereaved children and young people in Exeter, Mid and East Devon. They have experienced the death, or will experience the imminent death, of someone significant in their lives. Volunteer Grief Support Workers (GSWs) support the children and young people through their grieving and healing process.

Balloons also provides an advice service for families, schools and other professionals around death and grief. This can involve telephone support, email support and in the case of local schools can also extend to support in person where possible.

Children and young people are more vulnerable to adapting to bereavement, particularly if other stressors are present in their lives. We helpĀ mitigate against the worst risks faced by unsupported bereaved C&YP. These include poorer health and educational outcomes, increased use of mental health services, increased risk taking behaviours and increased isolation from peer friendship groups.


  • 1:1 Grief Support for 5-25 year olds in school or at home
  • Supporting referrers including schools, family members and GPs
  • Advice service to bereaved families via telephone, email and by post
  • Training for Practitioners including schools, counsellors and local authority staff
  • Activity Days for 5-16 year olds who have received Grief Support from Balloons
  • Family Events where children have received Grief Support from Balloons

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