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Ballet Nimba is an innovative African Dance and Music Company, the only one of its kind based in Wales. We promote intercultural understanding through performances, film, music, and educational projects to inspire the younger generation. We work with amazing artists, most of them were born into the music tradition of West Africa and escaped poverty and corruption to make their way to Europe where we have been lucky enough to get to experience their dynamism and creative energy. Their performances promote the irrepressible joy of the human spirit. 

We believe that since our inception we have provided a real and tangible benefit to the UK’s cultural landscape, promoting diversity, inclusivity and aiming to enrich the lives of all those who come into contact with our company. 

Ballet Nimba combines traditional and contemporary Guinean dance with live music from some of West Africa's finest musicians. It is inspired by the African Ballet, a tradition born in The Republic of Guinea to tell the mythologies and history of the region using artistic choreography 

We are a unique part of Wales' dance and music ecology with some high profile bookings and international awards, leading the way for other African artists in Wales. We continually challenge preconceptions about when and where this work can be seen.




Our mission is "strengthen intercultural understanding by sharing our dance and music, creating a dialogue with the wider community".

We are promoting diversity in the dance and music sector here in Wales; providing creative, educational and artistic activity through workshops, training, performance and film documentation of African Arts. We produce innovative, accessible dance-theatre, suitable for all. Our productions are family friendly, just as suitable for children as it is for World-Music aficionados. We have proved successful in getting "traditional" African dance recognised as not merely a community or social dance but as the beautiful, dynamic, ever evolving, complex and technical art form it is.

Our purpose is to reach as wide an audience as possible by providing innovative residencies and workshops for Educational establishments from Nursery through to University level; projects targeting young people NEET; apprenticeships for career development in arts management; performances from rural touring to internationally recognised festivals; even film and digital media. 

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