Bahar Women's Association

Bahar Women's Association

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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Community safety / victim support / domestic violence
  • Human rights
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Voluntary sector support
  • Women

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Small or unincorporated organisation
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Bahar Women's Association mostly helps out asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants however we are open to helping everyone from all backgrounds. We provide English and maths lessons, we offer advocacy work including: applying for benefits and passports, providing housing support, interpreting services and referrals to correct services, we also help clients find the correct GP, dentist and counselling services. Providing these services enable us support our clients' wellbeing, especially those who are refugees/immigrants who arrived here alone, and we can also empower them by providing them with essential knowledge about the country they live in.


We encourage individuals to gain confidence and provide a welcoming place to make friends and in doing so we are helping to develop and create positive and affirming relationships within the community and anyone who requires our services. As well as providing this, BWA, continually raises awareness about the barriers that new residents face in the community. For example, we lead sessions on hate crime and islamophobia, policing, domestic violence, emergency services, employability skills, human trafficking, safeguarding and parenting skills, child exploitation, grooming and life in the UK. To equip new citizens with the best information possible, professionals and experts in the field have conducted sessions. By doing this we are bridging the gap between the community and the services and service providers such as the police and social workers with new citizens.

Another role we have is supporting the universities in our area with placement work by allowing students to come and work as volunteers for us and in return we provide training, experience and great references. Our aim is to welcome partnerships in the local community and network with them in order to share resources, funding, venues and gain better understanding of how we can help our clients in the most effective way possible, so we are always striving to impact the community in a beneficial and positive manner.

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