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As a charity we established and set up to educate and potentially help save lives by offering information of what to look out for, self-diagnosis techniques to detect the earliest signs and symptoms of testicular cancer, and what you should do to act upon them.

The main aim of BaggyTrousersUK is to promote regular checks and fundraise through donations and corporate sponsorship, in order to provide engaging awareness sessions and support for young men about testicular cancer. We also provide support to those who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer, during and after treatment.


We're currently running social media campaigns using specific targeting with a range of different awareness messages and wealth of information. We organise engaging awareness/fundraising events like football tournaments and bungee jumps, this also gives men an opportunity to receive our information about Testicular Cancer. We provide a sign posting service to our website where boys and men can find an easy to read step-by-step guide on how to check their testicles.

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