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Avenues Group

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  • Children / families
  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Local / community
  • Mental health
  • Physical disabilities
  • Social care

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National - England


The Avenues Group is a charity which pioneers specialist social care supporting people facing significant disadvantage through illness and disability so they can live full lives in their local communities.

With over 1,400 employees, we support over 600 people from around the age of 10 and above.

We have 20 years of experience in supporting people with disabilities or health issues.

Avenues support people who have learning disabilities, autism, mental health  issues, acquired brain injury and dementia. 

We support people in the setting which is most appropriate to them:

  • In their own homes
  • In the community – this might include supporting them to get involved in their local community, helping them be more active and take part in leisure and sport activities, supporting people to get out and about more or just for those all-important day to day activities like shopping and meeting friends
  • We provide short break services for young people
  • In residential or supported housing for adults with learning disabilities managed by Avenues

As an organisation that prides itself on delivering excellent and innovative support we can give you a long list of why our support makes us different in the world of Social Care. 

One of the biggest reasons why we feel we are different is that we are not one charity supporting people how we think they should be supported.  Avenues is a group of charities, all with different ideas and expertise, which we use to our benefit. 

We draw on this benefit, not only to provide the support in a way which we think is the best, but to get another opinion to make sure of it. 

The reasons why Avenues is different grows each and every day as we continue to explore meaningful and creative ways to support people and we always make sure that the people that we support are living their lives how they want to - not how we think they should. 


At Avenues we always like to make sure we can prove what we say because being different is only good if you can be sure that we can deliver what we promise.  We have ways of internally checking what we do is right but we have also been checked externally by the Tizard Centre and the University of Chester who have both published research into the way we do things and the way it has changed people's lives.

Click here to read about this research.  You can read more about our relationship with the Tizard Centre here.

Take a look at our We Can Prove It! brochure to find out more information on how we help people to make their own choices, promote independence and reduce behaviour seen as challenging regardless of their level of disability or illness.

We make sure that we include the person that we are supporting fully in their personal support plans so that it is created completely around their needs, hopes and wishes, right from the start.

We have a strong reputation for actively seeking solutions and positive ways of helping people to live full and active lives.  We also like to solve a problem if we can.

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