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Autistic Parents UK is an Autistic-led Charity (CIO). 

Our Vision

A world where Autistic parents have a voice, where their experiences & knowledge are respected, understood and valued. Where Autistic parents receive the support they need for themselves and their families without judgement and discrimination.


Our Aims

To build on our current peer support offering and expand our services to include a support line with multiple communication methods, including instant and a-synchronous messaging. To develop our own advocacy services and partnering with, or funding, existing organisations and individuals that work toward the benefit of Autistic Parents.

We are dedicated to educating and supporting the wider public in order to positively impact the lives of Autistic Parents in the UK. We currently provide regular professional training to a number of charities and organisations including the NHS.


Autistic Parents UK is an Autistic-led Charity (CIO) and is committed to supporting Autistic parents in a number of ways. Autistic Parents UK is an Autistic-led Charity (CIO) committed to supporting Autistic parents 

  • online peer support groups (larger and smaller groups)

  • monthly webinars and live Q&A sessions

  • monthly book giveaways

  • local peer support groups

  • volunteer-led one to one peer support sessions

  • professional training

We are committed to working reflectively and flexibly to improve our support offering and have many plans for future development.

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