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The artFix Circle

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artFix is an the aggregate of a café, pub, social club, gallery, performance space and workshop under one roof. artFix combines all possible forms of art and creative industry content such as theatre, art, sculpture, exhibitions, music, performance, design, concerts, food, fashion, film, literature, standup comedy, visual art, photography and installations, children’s programmes and learning activities, but also health and wellbeing, 
and nature and environment , to create a new format of an experience social space.
In this way we are transforming the traditional high street coffee shop/pub into a unique, multi-functional, cross-over public space experience store, quite distinct from any other in the UK and international markets today. While we are at it, we are also changing the way art and creative content is perceived and accessed by everyday people.


artFix is a novel, disruptive, multi-award winning, physical and virtual, experiential public space format that introduces people to all kinds of arts and culture content through the familiarity of the fixed space coffee shop, or a pop up coffee shop in a public place such as a high street retail outlet, mall, the lobby of a bank, law firm or corporate office, department store, bookstore, park, university canteen, school or private club. The possibilities are endless. Creative content is sourced from major cultural organisations, professionals, design and food brands, and up-and-coming artists from every art and creative industry genre, making it readily accessible and affordable.

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