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Artbox London is a creative charity and social enterprise with a mission to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities through creating, exhibiting and learning about art. 

We provide art workshops, exhibitions in professional galleries and supported trips for around 30 people with learning disabilities in north London. Through these activities we aim to improve the social and economic inclusion of people with learning disabilities, who often experience increased isolation, face negative stigma, and find it much harder to access opportunities such as paid employment.  

Each of our activities brings people with learning disabilities together and offers a chance to make new friends and build relationships. This helps them feel less isolated, and also enables them to improve the life skills that enable fuller integration within their communities. While the workshops offer the therapeutic benefits for wellbeing that creating art brings, the opportunities that Artbox provides to exhibit and sell their artwork brings an additional dimension that has a huge impact on the artist's confidence and self-esteem.   

In light of the increased public funding cuts to services for people with learning disabilities, Artbox plays a crucial role in ensuring people with learning disabilities are included within and valued members of their community.




  • We run weekly art workshops for around 30 artists with learning disabilities, based at the Islington Arts Factory in north London.
  • We provide opportunities for people with learning disabilities to exhibit their work in professional galleries, have meaningful interactions with people without learning disabilities, and change stereotypes about their talents and abilities.
  • The artists have the chance to sell their work and earn money from their skills: 50% goes to the artist while 50% is reinvested back into the organisation.
  • Our trips to central London's art galleries and institutions not only provide inspiration and encourage learning about art and other artists, but help build the artists' independence by supporting them to become familiar with public transport and new venues. 

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