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We are ART WORX, a new UK charity that is awaiting approval from the Charity Commission. Our mission is to exhibit artists' work in unusual and unused spaces to show that art doesn't need to be obviously displayed to be called art! Also, our exhibitions will be free to all, and will hopefully inspire and educate. To reach our goal, we will have to negotiate with landlords and the one team member that we are missing is someone who is adept in legal contract creating. We are looking for a Trustee who could write these contracts for as, as well as contributing to other aspects of this new growing exciting, and hopefully beneficial to all, enterprise! We currently have four trustees and we are all contributing voluntarily but are excited to see how far this can go.


  1. Organise lectures and workshops in which artists may engage the public and a variety of free and accessible events and projects which explore different forms of art, encourage creativity and promote the research and understanding of the arts;
  2. Display art works of significant artistic value for the education of the public, as well as the joint collaborations and loaning of works of art which may be displayed for the access of all individuals which the charity can supply for;
  3. Fundraise to demonstrate great artistic merit, to create, promote and showcase artists' work accessibly for the public;
  4. Publicise free articles, videos and various other media pertaining to the education of and promotion of art;
  5. Sourcing, renting (whether through lease, donation or purchase) and repurposing vacant buildings into studios, living spaces and offices for subsidised or gratuitous rent to promote artistic residency and influence on the community at large;
  6. Creating funding campaigns for the raw materials and supplies the artists may be required to to fulfil the greatest potential of their vision from the conception of a single artwork to the mounting of an exhibition to ensure the greatest potential merit of the art piece.

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