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We believe that any student with the capability and passion to become a doctor should be able to, irrespective of their background. Yet research shows that this is not the case today: a British Medical Association report called "The Right Mix" stated that less than 5% of medical students come from the most disadvantaged backgrounds and half of all schools across the UK do not produce a single medical applicant. In contrast, the top 20% of schools produce 80% of successful applicants.

Our Solution
Our approach to address this gap is a long-term intervention, supporting students throughout their educational journey
Our partner schools meet our target demographics, are committed to social mobility, and are within commuting distance of our partner universities. Ideally they commit to facilitating our programmes for at least four years.
We work with students who have the aptitude and desire to study medicine, but who don’t come from traditionally the “right” background. These students will be invited to participate in our programmes by our partner schools.
We partner with medical schools that support a long-term approach to widening participation and train Medic Ambassadors from each university to deliver our programmes to a high standard.

Our Programmes
Armitage Juniors "Planting the seed of inspiration"

Armitage Juniors is a programme designed specifically for students in years 8 and 9 (aged 12 – 14). Each year will comprise of 6-7 sessions featuring a mix of fun, practical and theory-based training, including: communication skills; ethics; respiration; radiology; cardiology; advice on next steps; GCSE options.

Armitage Seniors
"Equipping students with the skills to fulfill their potential"

Designed for students in years 10 and 11 (aged 14-16), Armitage Seniors expands upon the skills and knowledge gained in Juniors and goes a little more in-depth, exploring in more detail the different career paths open to medics, offering advice on work experience and choosing the right A levels. Tutoring is provided if needed.

Armitage Scholars
"Helping young people become the doctors of tomorrow"

Armitage Scholars is for people aged 16-18 (years 12 and 13) who want to study medicine. This programme will delve deeper into the information and skills developed thus far, as well as providing practical support on revision, interview skills, clinical aptitude testing and personal statements. Tutoring will also be available.

Our Impact
We believe that a continued, cohesive approach is the best way to help capable young people from underrepresented backgrounds to develop the knowledge, skills and self-belief that they need to study medicine.
By giving students from all backgrounds access to relevant advice, guidance, support and experiences at every critical touchpoint of their academic career, this early, sustained approach can also help to drive social mobility and create equity in the field of medicine. By supporting young people from all backgrounds to study medicine today, we can help to transform the NHS workforce of doctors of tomorrow.



Our programmes are designed to help young people from low socioeconomic and minority ethnicity backgrounds to make informed decisions from pre-GCSE through to the university application process by developing:

Understanding of the industry – what it means to be a doctor and the pathways and requirements needed to study medicine

Growth mindset – Supporting the knowledge that background shouldn’t be a limitation to aspirations, alongside an improved belief in abilities and understanding that all opportunities can be improved with hard work

Aspirations – Supporting participants’ aspirations by setting specific goals and applying flexibility and motivation to achieve them

Skills and experience – Helping to build soft skills such as communication skills, and providing access to cultural experience and other opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to participants

Social capital – Building a network of role models and helping participants to identify who to ask for support and advice when needed

Self-belief – The confidence to growth strengths and, accompanied by insights provided during the programmes, the ability to overcome challenges when they arise

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