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The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance (ARMA) is the umbrella body for the arthritis and musculoskeletal community in the UK, and our mission is to transform the quality of life of people with musculoskeletal conditions. We have 35 member organisations ranging from specialised support groups for rare diseases to major research charities and national professional bodies.


Good musculoskeletal health is fundamental. Our ability to move is what enables us to work, socialise, live independently and contribute to society. We need to maximise the MSK health of every individual by preventing poor MSK health and ensuring those with MSK conditions get the best treatment and support. Sadly, too many people do not receive this. They experience long delays in getting a clear diagnosis and relevant treatment, often living in pain while they wait.

ARMA brings together health care professionals and people living with MSK conditions to highlight the need for better services and to support improvement. We provided vital support to our member organisations through the pandemic and ensured the experience o f patients was heard by the NHS. We work closely with NHS England on improving services and restarting treatments delayed by the pandemic.

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