ARLIS - Seeds of the Pomegranate

ARLIS - Seeds of the Pomegranate

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Our Purpose

ARLIS Seeds of the Pomegranate is a newly registered charity taking its first steps. Our vision is to help communities around the UK and beyond to understand the risk of genetic disease and how to prevent it.

Genetic disease can be severely life-limiting. It affects 1 in 100 babies born, but this number is much higher in some at-risk groups. Genetic disease causes a huge emotional and financial burden to families and in some parts of the world, it can leave individuals and families stigmatised.

Diagnosing and preventing genetic disease requires highly specialist skills and knowledge and the process is very costly to the individual. Most genetic tests offered by the NHS are out of the financial reach of many communities in Low- or Middle -Income countries (LMICs).  Even in the UK, some ethnic minority communities do not have the same access to healthcare options due to their cultural or language barriers.

ARLIS aims to help communities have access to genetic testing where most needed. To do this, we want to provide specialist training to healthcare professional (HCPs) on the ground.  We also want to help communities understand a little bit more about how their genetic make-up might affect their health and the health of their children and wider family


ARLIS’ s Scope

We strongly believe that every family, every individual has a right to understand how to improve their own health and the health of their children and have access to the resources that will empower him/her to make an informed decision and access reproductive choices.

ARLIS – “Seed of the Pomegranate” scope is as follows:

  • To raise awareness and address the subject of rare and life-limiting genetic disease for the public benefit by providing appropriate genetic testing to families who are deemed high risk or have been materially affected by genetic disease and who do not have access either due to geography or financial constraints to such a medical service in the UK and overseas with the purpose of minimising their risk of having a child with a life-limiting genetic disease.
  • To advance the education of what the risks are and who is at risk of being affected by genetic disease by raising awareness and providing advice in local communities through providing educational workshops and seminars to local communities, in the UK and local remote communities overseas who are at risk of being adversely affected by genetic disease.
  • To provide specialist training for community benefit in the areas of genetics, genomics and genetic counselling and any other appropriate specialist training through formal seminars and workshops with a view of enabling HCPs and other volunteers to provide non-directive advice and information to the community in alignment with the particular cultural, religious and ethical values of the community.

The charity operates as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The headquarters of the charity are in England, address: Manchester Technology Centre, 103 Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 7ED.


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