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Aphasia Re-Connect

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Aphasia Re-Connect works with people with aphasia and wider acquired communication disability and our reach is across Greater London. 

Aphasia is a communication disability, affecting people’s ability to find words, follow conversation, read, write and use numbers. Aphasia affects everyone differently: some cannot speak at all, others have occasional difficulties reading the newspaper or articulating their thoughts as clearly as they would like to. It is an acquired language disability, often resulting from stroke but also from brain injury and illness. However, it presents, it has a profound impact on life, leading to loneliness, depressionand can break down family and friend relationships.

We extend a long-term, life-line for people to find opportunity and engagement whilst living with a communication disability, developing confidence and finding mutual engagement within the wider community. 

We step in where statutory services end. Our vision is to help people reconnect with life, enjoy a life more ordinary, with opportunity, freedom of choice, responsibility, and a quality of life and wellbeing. 


We run peer led groups (5 weekly and 6 monthly opportunities), where we work very much in partnership with people with aphasia. 

We offer extensive volunteering opportunities for all ages and people living with and without aphasia. 

We offer publications and training for anyone living or working with people with aphasia 

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