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Apart of Me is a charity dedicated to supporting bereaved children, young people, and parents. Our aim is to be a  trusted guide through grief, helping our users to explore, understand, accept and articulate their experience of grief and the wide range of emotions connected to it. We empower them to work with ‘difficult’ emotions and to discover their own strength and wisdom hidden in the darkest of places. At the core of what we do is our multi-award-winning therapeutic game, which was co-created by experts in child psychology and bereaved young people. It translates bereavement-counselling techniques into a magical 3D world and is totally free to use. We continue to develop and improve our award winning game, and are now on a further mission to reach more young people by translating the game into modern European languages and beyond! The devastating effects of Covid 19 worldwide has focussed us in our undertaking to make this happen as quickly as we can. We are a volunteer-led team working towards a decentralised structure that will allow our amazing dedicated and passionate volunteers to work together effectively, to have the power to make decisions and have a real tangible impact on something that matters so much to all of us.


We continue to develop and update our therapeutic game, and with the internationalisation project in full swing, we are reaching out to young people beyond our own shores.

Current opportunities


Apart of Me exists to support bereaved young people and their parents through our multi-award-winning therapeutic game. Now growing rapidly to...


We have translated our award winning therapeutic app into German reaching out to support more young people who are grieving. Your experience of...


This is a wonderful opportunity, working alongside our founder, helping to support our mission to help young people who have lost a loved one,...