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We are a start up charity with a big ambition to establish the worlds first antivenom stockpile to deliver a sustainable solution for the treatment of snakebites in low and middle income countries. Aproximatly 7bn people live with venomous snakes, and although infrequent snakebites are an inevitability, even in high income countries. The sheer number of people exposed leads to a high burden of disease with around 5 million people bitten by venomous snakes every year, resulting in 80,000-140,000 deaths and leaving 400,000 with life changing disabilities.

Antivenom is listed as an essential medicine by the WHO, but antivenom production is difficult and expensive and the supply of good quality antivenoms has been in crisis for decades, meeting less than 30% of the demand.  Many countries completly lack any effective antivenom, leading to hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths and disabilities. The antivenom foundation wants to break this cycle by establishing the first international antivenom stockpile to get antivenom to where it is needed.


The antivenom foundation provides access to effective antivenoms with wrap around support from our extensive network of experts. 

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