Angels for Animals

Angels for Animals

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  • Animals / wildlife
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Local / community
  • Older people / later life
  • Poverty relief

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At present, we are a small animal and dog rescue facility, with two operational sites, with plans to become a self sustaining, significant venture, based in Merseyside and the Wales/ Shropshire borders. We support the elderly, with an  'At Home' animal care and husbandry service, for their animals, and free veterinary care, and husbandry, for animals belonging to the homeless. This is a mobile unit, due to be launched, in the spring of 2019, along side a Charity Shop, in Prescot, which will act not just as a retail outlet, but a venue for social and pet activities, a point of information for the mobile unit, on where and dates of  the planned routes, and information on the rescue, forthcoming events,and dogs and animal availability for re-homing. This  is the for-runner whilst achieving planning permission, at Forest Farm, to enable a 'One Stop Venue' for Dog Grooming, Doggie Day Care, Dog Training, Boarding Kennels, an Animal Related Retail Outlet, and a Small, Cafe, serving a limited but quality refreshments, with a gallary for viewing the daily and on-going activities.

There is at present, no assistance for the elderly, who cannot either take their animals to a vet, or groomers, for health or financial reasons, yet their pets help keep them independent, and in their own homes for longer, we intend to provide a door to door service, on a regular basis, with a staffed mobile unit to care for this sector. Payment will be taken,at the time of visit, with concessions for those with a limited income.

The homeless cannot obtain any treatment or husbandry for their animals, yet they are important for health, companionship and safety, we will go to them, and treat and care for their animals, and look after them if need be, if their owner is no longer able to do so.

Our help matters to those who depend on their animals, for companionship, and friendship, and safety, we have contact with social workers, for each regional area, and will organise pet related  services and events, especially for these sectors. 

We currently operate an animal rescue, and deal with people that have been evicted, or due to circumstance change, can no longer look after their animals. We keep pets on a long term basis for families that have to go into emergency accommodation, until their housing needs can be resolved.

At present, there is no service available for the elderly, or homeless, or people who are in difficult situations, this all falls on to the social workers, our service would relieve this burden, and assist in keeping difficult social lifestyle circumstances a little more bearable. We provide a service for those looking for an Animal Companion, and produce a monthly Poster, with the availability of Animals and Dogs, looking for Forever Homes. We already operate a small service of collection of pets, mostly for the disabled or elderly sectors, and excercise, provide daily husbandry, and return the much loved companion to their owner. This is proving to be a valued , every day,service, including Christmas day, which is much needed, with increasing demand.


We are presently  very small, but have extensive and formulated, sustainable and Financial plans, for the  'One Stop Venue' the  Mobile Unit to care and provide husbandry for the elderly and homeless, as  well as The Carity Shop .We are currently overwhelmed with the amount of assistance needed, and seeking Financial and Marketing, as well as Strategic Planning and Organisational expertise in order to progress, with the venture, and complete our Charity Satus We try never to turn away a request for assistance, and try to meet our objectives, but need to grow, become sronger and progress, in order to provide a better service, for our targeted sectors.

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