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Angel Advocates are story-tellers and bridge-builders. When our clients come to us, often the first thing they say is; "I don't know why I'm here, nobody else listens, what makes you different?"

What makes us different is that we DO listen. We believe that the one thing that we all need is to be understood and to do that we need to listen. When we've listened, actively listened to what our clients say and often what they don't say. Then and only then can we help them to tell their story to whichever authority they need support with and if they don't feel able to tell their story, we will tell it for them.

Having an Angel in your corner changes lives and we do not say that lightly. For some of our clients it is the first time they have ever been listened to and not talked at and the first time they have felt empowered to make decisions for themselves. It is truly empowering.


Access to an independent or legal advocate can be difficult. It can be dependent on geography, legislation or finances. We believe that everyone has a time in the lives when they could use an advocate and we want to be there for those times. 

As well as general independent advocacy we are also working towards delivering a range of specialist advocacy, including children and young people, group advocacy, domestic abuse, mental health and legal.

We are not tied to physical premises. Where we can we meet our clients in person, but we also offer advocacy remotely.

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Angel Advocates are looking for trustees to join the board of this brand new but ambitious charity.