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Social enterprise
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Ancestors unKnown CIC is a social enterprise (nonprofit) based in Bristol, England. The organisation aims to disrupt history education by introducing young people and adults to family history research and other untold histories. Using a unique combination of classroom curriculum, workshops, community engagement, and other special programmes, Ancestors unKnown encourages children, teachers, families, and wider communities to develop deeper connections to the past, instilling in them a positive and lasting sense of identity and belonging.

Although our core work is in the primary/secondary education sector, Ancestors unKnown also designs and implements projects related to identity, heritage and untold histories for universities, cultural heritage organisations, corporations, and local community groups.

Until now, the bulk of our work has been overseas. But now we’re excited to expand our reach and impact in the UK.


Ancestors unKnown’s products and services include:

  • Programmes and curriculum packages for primary and secondary schools (core product). This includes lesson plans in two categories: family history research and untold histories, teacher training, archive field trips, and more
  • Workshops, special events, and consultancy services for adults, including customised workshops related to history education, family history research, identity development, and/or untold histories. Target audiences include educators, universities, cultural heritage organisations, and corporations that support employee diversity-related initiatives.
  • Online courses for educators, families and individuals of all ages, including ‘How to begin your family history research’ and ‘How family history research can make a classroom more inclusive’
  • Product(s), such as the Family Historian’s Toolkit, a packaged and branded “toolkit” for young family history researchers

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