Ananda Marga

Ananda Marga

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  • Children / families
  • Education
  • Faith and ethics
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Housing and homelessness

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We help different groups of people through different sections of our charity. These are here delineated by A, B, C and D:

A. 1) People who seek to improve their health and wellbeing:.

2) We help them by teaching meditation and yoga and volunteering advice on a generally better lifestyle.

3)  We find that our beneficiaries find more meaning in life, more motivation to do the best they can and a general improvement in their lives.


B. 1) People who are poor, homeless or food deprived.

2) We provide fresh, hot meals weekly to several hundred people in London and up to 200 people once a month in Birmingham. We also offer psychological support and can give basic training, so people learn to work with others.

3) Our help matters because there are a considerable number of homeless and food deprived people in the UK.


C. 1) We run two nursery schools in London (one formerly an elementary school), each of which has been operating for over 30 years.  T his gives a beginning education to many pupils over the  years.

2) We follow the government curriculum but also instil a sense of cooperation and caring for others. We also instil a love of learning into the minds of the students and introduce them to a simple level of meditation, which helps to calm the mind.

3) Many parents give feedback that our schools help the students to grow up with a positive framework, that helps them to continue their education and find success in the society. Alumni of the schools often give us similar feedback.


D. 1) We run the second oldest health food store in London (Food for All). Our customers are looking for healthy food and supplements.

2) This non-profit business provides healthy food at low prices, and we give free advice to customers, from trained staff members, on the best foods, vitamins and supplements for their health.

3) Our clientele find much improvement in their health and the possibility to overcome health problems through our services.  All the profit from the store goes to support our community service programmes in UK and worldwide. Thus the shop supports both the needs of its customers and also the needs of people suffering from disasters or war worldwide.


E. 1) AMURT UK is the branch of our organisation which works with local communities to relieve immediate suffering in times of disaster and crisis and empower people to lead happy, healthy, and environmentally sustainable lives.

2)  We provide emergency relief in the form of medical care, temporary or permanent housing, education, psychological support for those suffering from trauma and help in rebuilding communities.  We also work with local communities to address urgent and critical needs that they have, whether or not related to disasters.

3) Our help matters because often we are the only organisation or one of only a few organisations that provide the support we give, especially in the early days of a disaster, or in communities which are overlooked by governmental bodies or charity funders.


  1. We teach meditation and yoga classes for free or for donation. We teach personal meditation practices for free.
  2. We gather food and work with volunteers to provide necessary food and psychological support to homeless and other food deprived people.
  3. We have two buildings and two schools that are fully staffed and trained to care for and teach the students.
  4. We employ a qualified staff of health food professionals, and we supervise and support them to provide quality service to our clientele.
  5. We raise funds and train people to provide the necessary services.

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