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The American Quarter Horse Association UK

The Association is a registered charity and therefore is subject to the statutory rules and regulations therein and is dedicated to promoting the Quarter Horse in the UK.  we have approximately 700 members but we are growing each year. 

Please join us in celebrating this beautiful equine breed.

We maintain the Breed Registry for the UK, issuing Equine passports subject to DEFRA guidelines and legislation, as well as holding events and shows around the country and much more. 

 AQHA.UK is affiliated to the British Equine Federation (BEF - itself affiliated to the Federation Equine International - FEI) via our active membership of the 'Showing Council'. 

We are an inclusive organisation – everyone is welcome!

We provide practical help and advice for everyone about all aspects of the Quarter Horse.

We encourage all ages to participate and have many retirees as our active riding members.

We also encourage youth riders and families and we hold clinics and training sessions for all abilities and ages.

Many of our current trainers were members of the Youth Squad in the past.  We are always seeking new members to be a part of the Youth World Cup and Euro Amateur Cup teams.

We welcome members and non-members at all our events! 

The AQHA UK Council is elected by the members and runs the Association.

Council members are volunteers and are not paid, and there are regular meetings held, which must be attended.  In addition there is an annual AGM where members are invited to hear about plans, our finances and strategy and to make comments and suggestions and to elect new council members.


Our Association is the official UK Affiliate of the USA based AQHA; we maintain the Breed Registry for the Quarter Horse in this country.

We encourage members of all ages to participate in equine sport at all levels, from fun rides to training for International events.  

We hold shows and clinics here in the UK and in Europe and many members have had great successes internationally in recent years.

We organise a Youth Team Squad to participate in the Youth World Cup (in USA one year and another country, on a 2-year cycle). 

We participate in the AQHA Amateur Euro Cup on alternate years, our AQHA.UK Team-squad and Individual riders competed for the first time in 2017 and plans are underway for 2019. 

Our Council of 7 Directors are all volunteers with varied backgrounds whose skills complement our Charitable work.  An Independent Contractor provides our Business Services at our Office at Oakridge Arena near Newark, Nottinghamshire.  

We hold our (monthly/6-weekly) meetings and our AGM in various venues around the UK to share travel between Council members who live at various geographical locations around the UK and Europe. 

Recently we have held meetings near Heathrow and Stansted Airports, Sussex/Kent border, Cambridgeshire, Coventry, Peterborough. 

The AQHA.USA supports our work but we must both raise funds and 'husband' our present resources carefully, especially in these days of austerity, in order to continue to sustain our Charity financially.



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