The Ambulance Staff Charity

The Ambulance Staff Charity

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TASC is the leading national charity that is dedicated to supporting the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of the UK’s ambulance community.

Not just for paramedics or staff out on the road, TASC is here to support all ambulance staff including call centre workers, support staff and managers. We can also support retired staff members, immediate family members of ambulance staff, paramedic science students and ambulance volunteers, such as Community First Responders.

Ambulance staff represent the very best of us, and at TASC we are here to provide support and guidance to help ensure the UK’s ambulance community is strong, healthy, and resilient. Because they care, we care.

Last year we were needed more than ever, with our services seeing an overall 49% increase in demand. Thanks to our supporters, we were ready to deal with this demand and provided almost 2X more interventions to support ambulance staff’s mental, physical and financial wellbeing last year. 

Mental health

Last year 3,300 more people spoke to TASC about their mental health. It continues to be our most in-demand-service, and last year we provided over 3,200 hours of mental health support. On average, those who access our mental health services, see a 57% improvement in their mental health, and those who come to us for help with PTSD or trauma saw a 64% improvement in their symptoms.

Financial wellbeing

The long-lasting impacts of the pandemic have hit people hard and the people who came to TASC for support with their finances were, on average, £374 a month better off. On top of this, our in-house experts were also able to help write off over £22,000 of debt.

Physical wellbeing

Ambulance staff have a very physically demanding job and last year we provided 168 rehabilitation sessions for staff injured in the line of duty.


We provide a range of services to support the wellbeing of the UK’s ambulance community including:

  • Counselling tailored to the individual’s needs, including specialist support for people experiencing trauma or PTSD
  • Bereavement support for the colleagues and loved ones of ambulance workers who have passed away
  • Physical rehabilitation for staff members injured in the line of duty
  • Financial guidance including benefits checks and income maximisation support
  • General wellbeing information and advice via our online

The Ambulance Staff Crisis Phoneline

In just one year, 213 ambulance workers in the UK spoke to TASC about having suicidal thoughts. In Nov 2022, TASC launched the Ambulance Staff Crisis Phoneline to provide immediate and ongoing suicide and mental health crisis care to UK ambulance staff.

The National Ambulance Service Memorial Service

Every two years, TASC hosts the National Ambulance Memorial Service to remember and honour ambulance staff who have died while in service.

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