Alongside Africa - Opportunity not Aid

Alongside Africa - Opportunity not Aid

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  • Children / families
  • Education
  • Financial inclusion
  • International development
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  • Young people

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National - Britain


Alongside Africa is a UK-based not for profit organisation that is committed to a world in which every person has the opportunity to earn a living.  We do this by providing opportunities, not aid and focus our efforts in Kabale, South West Uganda.  We are a registered charity - registration number 1146752

Our Vision

A world in which every individual has the opportunity to make a living.

Our Mission

To create self-sustaining communities.

Our strap line of opportunities, not aid recognises the right of marginalised and disadvantaged communities to be able take responsibility for their own development, and for this to be achieved with dignity and self respect, critical factors that are often lost when aid is provided instead of opportunities.


Why Support Alongside Africa?

So how is Alongside Africa different from the myriad of other charities that exist in the sector to alleviate poverty in developing countries?  Well for a start we believe in providing opportunities rather than aid, and we only work through and with established and trusted not for profit partners that we know personally.  We also know and have a strong relationship with the end beneficiaries of the work that we support, be that Jennifer Tumwijukye, a skilled basket weaver whose products we purchase and sell through our Ndeego Craft project, or eight year old Blessing Akankwase who was one of the first of fifty pupils to attend Amazing Love School through our Give a Child a Chance program.  This means that you can support our projects confident in the knowledge that your donations will be used for the right purpose and will benefit real people, people that are known to us and people that you have the opportunity to hear about and to visit if you so wish.

Another key differentiator of Alongside Africa is that most of our key people in the UK have visited Kabale (at their own cost and not at the expense of our ability to provide opportunities) and met with our NGO partners and the end beneficiaries, so we are driven by a personal commitment


We have three current programmes. There are no plans to introduce new programmes, rather to consolidate and grow our existing ones.

  • Amasiko Street Children Programme
  • Obumwe Microfinance Scheme
  • Amazing Love School

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