All Ways Network (AWN)

All Ways Network (AWN)

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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Local / community

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National - England


All Ways Network (AWN) supports and empowers small Muslim-led charities (with an annual income of £1m or less) working for the wider community here in the UK. 

The Muslim community is a diverse and vibrant community (Somali, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Afghanistan, British, Nigerian and many more) with some living in disadvantaged areas across the UK, some who are caught in particular traditional cultural rituals like forced marriages, FGMs, honour killings etc and many who embody the British and Muslim identities and want to empower their rich identity.

Our services are primarily hosting workshops, seminars and networking events to enable charities to work more effectively and efficiently, in most programme areas such as mental health, older people, homelessness, alcohol and substance misuse, refugees/asylum seekers etc...

We assist Muslim-led grassroots charities to strengthen their presence and work within the wider community, by building bridges between Muslim and non-Muslim organisations and communities.

AWN will provide a platform and a safe space for dialogues, understanding and possibilities of collaborations and partnerships between organisations.

Since our inception in early 2018, we are looking to grow the team. We are looking for individuals who are keen, passionate and the right skill set to work with the various communities within the Muslim community and work with us to connect them with various non-Muslim led organisations.


We offer the following:

- Networking opportunities between:

  • Muslim charities themselves
  • Muslim charities and non-Muslim charities
  • Muslim charities and bigger Bodies/Funders

- Workshops that will assist in the charity's growth, good practice and due diligence. Look at various topics that will develop their work.

- Seminars will have Professionals sharing their expertise. 

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