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80 wells drilled - 80 communities (20,000 people) saved from water borne disease and high mortality rates - especially babies and infants

Alive & Well is a very small volunteer charity that provides safe, clean accessible and sustainable water where there is none. We work in the poorest part of the poorest country in Africa - South East Sierra Leone. We have developed a local crew who drill water wells for communities deep in the rain forests, in often almost inaccessible places. We have a large 4x4 truck that the crew use to bring life saving wells to the poorest people on the planet.

There is no other organisation providing water in the region. We are helping reduce the effects of waterborne disease just as we helped prevent any cases of Ebola from appearing in the region we support.

Our work matters because we are the only drilling crew in the region.



We raise funds in the UK to provide wages for the crew, equipment (drilling rig and 4x4) and the materials required (including pumps) to provide water for isolated communities. We are all volunteer trustees who pay our own way when visiting the country. Over 90% of what we raise goes to drilling wells. We raise money through donations, monthly giving, occasional events and links with organisations that work in Sierra Leone undertaking sanitation, welfare and agricultural work.

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