AIMS Charity (Auto Immune & Multiple Sclerosis)

AIMS Charity (Auto Immune & Multiple Sclerosis)

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Our charity was founded to preserve and protect the health of people with Multiple Sclerosis and other haematologically-rooted autoimmune diseases. We have a particular focus on HSCT (haematopoietic stem cell transplant) which has been shown to halt the progression of MS and autoimmune disease. Our charity provides peer support, crucial information, and financial assistance to those undergoing HSCT or just looking into it. We have worked with hundreds of people in the last five years, many of whom have told us that our help has been invaluable, and in many cases transformative. We strive to raise awareness of HSCT and to improve access to it in the U.K. We work with key practitioners from around the world, including the U.K., as well as the major MS charities. 


Last year we set up a peer support service that allows HSCT veterans to support people with MS who are looking into HSCT. Our peer support consultants are hand-picked and trained by us to offer this service. We received a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund to establish this service.

Shortly after we registered as a charity, we were able to offer grants of up to £1000 to people undergoing HSCT. These grants are to cover travel expenses for U.K. residents undergoing HSCT in the U.K. and overseas. This has been a popular service and we have 4 funding rounds a year. 

We are at the forefront of continued research into HSCT, and are currently supporting the NHS with the Star-MS trials, which aim to introduce HSCT for MS to a number of hospitals across the U.K. Our objective is for HSCT to become a first line treatment in the U.K., and the current research will bring us closer to achieving that.

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