AidCamps International

AidCamps International

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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Campaigning
  • Children / families
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • International development
  • Local / community
  • Young people

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We are a small non-profit volunteering organisation helping to  alleviate poverty in the developing world by financing and building schools and health centres in conjunction with local NGO's (usually in remote locations). In 14 years we have raised over £1.5 million, and carried out 56 Group projects in seven countries (Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Malawi).


We do this by short-term projects overseas (normally three weeks each). We recruit up to 15 volunteers per project (no skills required). Our volunteers raise funds directly for the project they are working on, travel to the country to build the school/health centre working with local skilled craftsmen and women, finally handing over the completed building to the local community. In both paying for and building something of real value to local communities, there is a very strong sense of mutual benefit to both volunteers and locals. 

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