Ageing Without Children

Ageing Without Children

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National - Britain


To support older people ageing without children (either biologically or by circumstance) to age well in the UK through: 

  • Providing Support: helping those ageing without children to have the resources they need
  • Policy and Campaigning: raising awareness and understanding of the issues affecting people ageing without children, and advocating the inclusion of people ageing without children in mainstream discussions on ageing.
  • Connecting People: bringing together people ageing without children online through its Facebook group, which has over 2.600 members, and through seven local groups which meet on a regularly for peer support, or with with speakers and social events.


Ageing Without Children's activities include:

  • Supporting Local groups – where people ageing without children can come together for peer support, to share experiences, obtain information and work with local organisations to ensure that the needs of people ageing without children are included in policy, planning and services for older people. The local groups will be run by volunteers ageing without children and supported by AWOC.
  • Campaigning and influencing at all levels of government, to raise the issues of those ageing without children so that their needs are addressed.
  • Supporting people ageing without children with resources, links to information and advice, and events.

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