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Afasic (originally the Association For All Speech Impaired Children) is a charity, founded in 1968 to provide help and support for children, young people and their families who are affected by speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).  Unlike most other disabilities SLCN is ‘invisible’, which makes it difficult to recognise and for parents to obtain the support their child needs.  We know early intervention is essential, as research clearly shows that children whose speech, language and communication difficulties are not properly addressed can very easily become isolated and frustrated, be wrongly labelled as shy, naughty, rude or simply not very bright.  They are more likely to under achieve at school, and acquire behavioural and emotional difficulties and problems which persist into their adult lives. Children labelled as shy, naughty, rude or simply not very bright.  Afasic’s vision is that every child and young person with SLCN should be enabled to overcome their communications challenges, achieve their full potential and become a valued member of society.  Our aim is still to provide vital information and support for parents to enable them to better understand, help and advocate for their child, and to work directly with children and young people to help them develop key skills, integrate and, in the process, have fun!  We also underpin this by the information, training materials and support we offer to professionals such as speech therapists and teachers, by raising awareness of the challenges facing those who have SLCN and campaigning on educational, social care and health-related issues which affect them.


We offer information and support to parents, the young people themselves, and professionals through:

  • our website (from which a large number of publications can be downloaded, many of them free, and which also offers facilities for forum discussions - we may develop this further)
  • our Helpline
  • regular printed newsletters for our members, and also e-news updates.
  • printed publications.

All the above are available throughout the UK.

In addition, we operate a variety of activities, which, being related to project funding which can be regionally based, currently vary depending on where people live.  These include:

  • Training for professionals and parents
  • Activities for families, children and young people with SLCN
  • Transition summer schools for children about to transfer from Primary to Secondary schools
  • Family support workers (currently only in Wales)
  • Road shows bringing information dissemination events to parents in various parts of England

There are also some Afasic Local Groups operated by volunteers.

In addition, we actively campaign for the needs of children and young people with SLCN, both as an individual organisation and in collaboration with other charities that have a similar remit.  And, when opportunity permits, we participate or encourage participation in research into SLCN.

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