Advocacy in Barnet

Advocacy in Barnet

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  • Older people / later life

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Advocacy in Barnet (AIB) exists to provide free, independent, accessible and impartial advocacy services that will enable and empower people to have their say, communicate their needs and make informed choices in obtaining community and health services in the way they want them. Advocates promote independent living, support to access health and community services and support in making complaints and provide a holistic approach to the difficulties people encounter with services or their lifestyle. The support and empowerment  people have in an advocacy relationship reduces isolation, protects peoples’ rights, increases confidence, encourages independence and makes sure they can access both statutory and voluntary services.

Our key aims are to:

  • support people to have equal opportunities and achieve the lifestyle they want regardless of age, disability or  health
  • ensure the service is led and informed by representative service users
  • improve care standards and quality of care for older people
  • deter abuse and violations of older people’s human rights
  • empower people to influence decisions that affect their lives and 
  • concern them and their care


AIB has developed a network of older advocates for older people working to improve care standards for older people in residential settings, day facilities, sheltered accommodation, hospitals and care settings. AIB’s in situ care home advocacy (since January 2010) works with over 2,500 care home residents a year. Weekly visits by a consistent advocate facilitates trusting relationships to develop between residents and advocates as well as care staff and advocates, be aware of issues affecting them, obtain people’s views and wishes as well as safeguard vulnerable residents.

• Older people are supported in future care planning, avoiding and reducing debt and financial abuse and at times of transition.

• We deliver training to increase advocacy skills in other organisations, provide spot purchase advocacy to London boroughs and facilitate independent user focused consultancy as a means of generating income to support our work.

AIB has a long standing ethos of partnership work to ensure it is able to contribute to policy development both locally and nationally. We have a track record of establishing innovative projects designed to be self-sustaining. Volunteers are recruited, trained and supported both in directly delivering the service and then become recruiters and trainers themselves so that the programme can be sustained in the long term.

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