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Action not Disability

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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Physical disabilities
  • Social care

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Small or unincorporated organisation
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National - Britain


Why give to one charity when you can support 4 with every donation you make.

Action not Disability is a group of 4 charities working together to look after families and young people who have to manage disability in some way.

Education, housing, work and care support in all walks of life from 4 wonderful charities.

Livability - What makes life livable is never down to just one thing – it’s the sum of many things. From friendship to fun; from companionship to community; from a great chat to a challenge overcome – it all adds up to Livability.

We know that care and inclusion work involves a wide circle of people and we’re proud to work with everyone who uses our services. This includes people with disabilities; their families and carers; our staff; churches; community partners; commissioners; volunteers and donors.  Together we develop creative responses that all add up to better life outcomes and support for people with disabilities. 

Every day, we support nearly 1,000 people, and a further 10,000 people who connect with Livability for support, advice, and engagement. 

Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) is a disability charity based in Surrey, with national reach. We have more than 85 years’ experience of developing innovative services which support almost 10,000 disabled people a year to achieve their potential and increase their independence.

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, has been providing practical, emotional and financial support to our Forces and their families since 1885. 

Our teams of volunteers and employees help people in need, from Second World War veterans to those who have served in more recent conflicts or are still currently serving, and their families. Our vision is a society in which the Armed Forces, veterans and their families can thrive.
In all we do, we help people become more confident and independent and to grow community connections that improve wellbeing. Gifts from Action Not Disability supporters means we can continue to go above and beyond for people with disabilities, enhancing people's lives and how they want to live them. 



We must raise £2million every year to sustain and develop our expert services to support our students in classrooms and those who live in our residential houses during term-time and up to 52 weeks a year.

We exist to provide young people with the support they need to live as full and independent a life as possible. The specialist provision we offer is accessed not only by students on site, but by students who attend mainstream further education locally.  Our support is designed to empower young adults to manage their own lives and play an active part in their own communities.

It is vital that we keep pace with the increasingly complex needs of our students. We need your help to continue to provide access to the most specialist staff, accommodation and equipment in the UK to unlock our students’ potential and enable them to live the most fulfilling life possible.


The consortium works in many ways to support people with disabilities, and their families.

Livability - We provide a wide range of care, education, vocation and rehabilitation services; which include residential care and supported living homes for adults with disabilities; a school and two colleges for children and young adults with disabilities; and a brain injury rehabilitation centre for people who in experiencing an injury find in an instant their life has changed. 

Queen Elizabeth Foundation - We work with children and adults with physical and learning disabilities and adults with acquired brain injuries. Whether it’s developing life skills to live as independently as possible, neuro rehabilitation to rebuild a life after a brain injury, or learning to drive a specially adapted car, we support each person to achieve their potential.

Our services includes:

  • Care and Neuro Rehabilitation – watch a virtual tour of QEF’s Care and Rehabilitation Centre here
  • Mobility Services
  • Independent Living Services
  • MERU
  • Accessible Aviation


Our recent research shows that service leavers aged 25-64 need more specialised support. The challenges they face are complex – from low income to life-changing injuries or hidden wounds, like depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Armed with this information, we are improving our services for younger, working-age veterans, and we will make sure they know we’re here when they need us.

Behind every uniform is a person. And we are here for that person and their family – any time they need us, in any way they need us.

Treloar - Treloar School and Treloar College offer around 170 students, aged 2 to 25 years, a specialist environment where learning takes place alongside therapy and care.

Our students are physically-disabled with complex needs. Mainstream schools and colleges cannot provide the support they need to achieve their goals.

Many of the young people at Treloar’s require support throughout the day and night – over half of our students stay in one of our five residential houses. Residential provision offers huge opportunities to develop independent living skills and enjoy social life beyond the academic timetable. Our students experience greater independence and develop confidence working alongside trained support staff and engaging with their peers.

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