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The objects of ASTI are to help eliminate acid and burn violence worldwide, and in conjunction with our partners, to provide the survivors of acid and burn violence with an integrated programme of care and support.

ASTI and its partners will work with NGOs, local and national governments, and the international community to:

  1. Strengthen the implementation of laws, policies and action plans on burn and acid violence through data collection and analysis, building capacities of service providers, and strengthening institutions to become more effective, transparent and accountable in addressing burn and acid violence.
  2. Expand the access of survivors of acid and burn violence to services including legal assistance, medical treatment, psychosocial counselling, health care, and building the capacity of service providers to respond effectively to the rehabilitation needs of survivors affected by acid and burn violence.
  3. Control the Sale of acid by encouraging governments to introduce legislation aimed at curbing acid attacks by imposing a control regime and strict regulation on the sale and purchase of acid.
  4. Raise the profile of acid and burn violence with UN bodies such as UN Women and other key international and national organisations.

To date ASTI has helped thousands of acid attack victims get the medical attention they need in order to rebuild their lives. We are fully dedicated to helping the survivors of acid and burns violence and confronting this violence wherever it takes place.


It is hard to look at the face of a women who has been attacked with acid and imagine how she will live and independent and fulfillingĀ life. Yet despite indescribable pain, disfigurement and psychological trauma, many survivors can and will rebuild lives when provided with the support they need.

Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) has set up partner organisations dedicated to combating acid attacks at the local and international level in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Uganda, providing vital financial and technical support while building local medical capacity through teams of expert volunteers. We continue to support our partners through a volunteer network of volunteer plastic surgeons, burns and physical therapists, nurses and counsellors, who train local medical and psycho-social practitioners to provide victims with the specialist care they require.

ASTI also works at the international level to raise the profile of acid attacks with the UN bodies and other key international actors.

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