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Access Academia benefits everyone. The idea that academic knowledge is trapped behind the "Ivory Tower" is a dead concept with Access Academia knowledge is for everyone! At Access Academia, we levy our access as students with keys to such towers to open up the secrets within. With our core series, the Access Series, we bring academic knowledge to everyone's doorstep.

Specifically for students, we run programmes to help school-age and university level students get into research! The concept of "research" can be something which seems unattainable without a PhD level degree- but that's just not true! Launching in 2024, our Access to Research programme will give students a step-by-step guide on how to create meaningful and impactful research from start to publication. 

Understanding the world around you is important, and at Access Academia we don't think important knowledge such as the science behind vaccines, political gammits and rules, and social theories which affect our everyday lives should be hidden away. 


Access Academia has four core sectors of volunteers: Content Creation, Online Operations, Outreach & Marketing, and Financial & Legal Logistics, as well as a core team of student volunteers who run the Journal of Intersectional Social Justice, the journal by students, for students.

Our Content Creation sector covers our social media content creation, blog writing, and design. Online Operations covers our online presence, including our website(s) and logos. The Outreach & Marketing teams manage our relationships with university departments, onboarding and planning for events, research programmes, and more! Financial & Legal Logistics covers all the core operations of what actually goes on behind the scenes: our legal charity registration and documentation, annual accounts, and financial management/accounting.

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