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Absafe was originally set up in 1997 with the purpose to advance safety, stop accidents and save lives so no one has to learn safety by accident. We have recently opened The Safe were we make safety fun for children. Using interactive education, we have created a safety funfair to make learning safety and risk assessment an experience to remember. We are committed to change through positive engagement and strongly believe in our core values passion, leadership, fun and excellence.



Through simulation, we will run them over with cars, squash them with trains and electrocute them. We set fire to the rooms they walk in, stalk them online and fleece them out of a great deal of money.


We want to let them experience dangerous situations so they can learn to make safe decisions and mitigate the risks they are exposed to every day, often without knowing.

Boo! Scream if you want to save lives! Seriously, we'll train you to electrocute, run over and set fire to our visitors. It'll be virtual fun all in the name of safety. Remember, we scare because we care.

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