Abandon Normal Devices

Abandon Normal Devices

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The artistic programme of Abandon Normal Devices will be delivered in rural and in low culturally engaged areas e.g. Merseyside (3 out of 6 local authorities classified as low engaged) and AGMA local authorities (7 out of 10 classified as low engaged). By delivering work in rural locations, which are culturally underserved and increasingly isolated, we can increase social contact, improve access to local services and consider a lack of income and employment. We will address this through creating engagement, employment and work experience opportunities with arts, education, youth and community organisations in and around project locations and open up new models for inter-generational learning.


AND propose a significant shift in the way that art is experienced through staging projects that spill out of the gallery and into the ‘street’. Our portfolio includes the UK’s only roaming festival, which takes place in a new location every edition and an annual commissioning programme, which can take the form of public art, site specific film happenings and cross platform productions. Bypassing traditional formats and disciplines, our projects are essential and urgent guides to understanding the dynamic and ongoing relationship between audiences, art and technology, often providing multiple, disruptive, and profoundly different worlds to exist in.

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